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I’m a really good driver! Honest!!!
I have no accidents on record, but I guess that doesn’t account for everything these days, does it? Sometimes it’s just plain embarrassing.       

Maybe it stems from not “being in love” with my vehicle. Let’s face it, girls and guys think differently about their “ride”. I’m never going to spend an enormous amount of money to put in a fantastic stereo system with subwoofer that takes up the trunk. Don’t get me wrong, I like my SUV/car, but I don’t weep over it if it gets a scratch on it.       

Have you ever wished you could take back a moment in time and redo it? Oh my, I have, more times than I can imagine!      

We used to have this small Ford pick-up truck that occasionally I was required to drive. Our driveway was always full of vehicles having two teenage drivers at home in addition to my husband and me. Of course the boys could never bring in the garbage cans, and most of the time my son (the youngest) and I were running late for school, so occasionally I would just skim the garbage can on my way out of the driveway.      

I suppose this one morning I must have needed more frappuccino that I inhaled, and I did my usual bump of the garbage can and proceeded to push it further out of the way only to realize that it was making a different kind of noise, more like a metal on metal crashing squealing noise. I couldn’t believe it; I actually ran down the side of my Isuzu Rodeo and pretty much scratched and dented at least half of the side, not to mention the damage to the Ford pick-up.      

That was just one of my “little” incidents….      

We also have this rather large Toyota Tundra, which everyone loves, except for me, I can’t stand trying to park something that big, I can never get it right the first time unless I can pull straight through the parking space. Plus, it’s kind of hard to maneuver through fast food lanes, u-turns and the bank lanes; they just aren’t wide enough.      

Unfortunately for my husband I have to drive the Tundra occasionally while he takes our Prius (excellent gas mileage, but embarrassing for him) vehicle on longer commuting days, it’s only twice a week, but two times too many for me and him. Needless to say, I’ve scratched up the darn rims! Not just once but a few times. He doesn’t always notice but I forgot to wipe down the scuff mark I left on the tire once (yes, I actually wet down the tire to make it look like the incident didn’t happen), which caused it to stand out way too much, UGGH.      

A nice rim and wheel ... unscathed!


The u-turn is what did me in, I misjudged it, and badly, but it wouldn’t have happened in any other vehicle. I cut it too short, but couldn’t back up because of oncoming traffic and so I kind of bumped up against the curb. I thought it would be just like my other scuffs, but apparently I broke off part of the curb and it was embedded in the tire and rim somehow. YIKES~!       

Needless to say that did not go over so well!
Help me out here; I can’t be the only one having stupid driving incidents.


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