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While I absolutely LOVE the summer especially since becoming a school teacher 5 years ago, I get the summer blues before it even begins.

Five years ago I married my current husband and moved from the West Palm Beach, FL area to the Orlando area. That’s when I first became a school teacher; giving up my much higher paying job of an Information Systems Analyst (the titles will always get you… basically computer programmer, web designer or whatever else they needed at the time).

Don’t get me wrong, the time off is wonderful! But, I finally have summers off and am home every day and I have to send my son away to be with his father. Life sometimes just doesn’t seem fair. I know you Dad’s out there won’t agree, but from my standpoint, it really stinks.  I could be home with him spending quality time, finally, but he’ll be with his father and will get sent to day camps and other people’s homes while his father is busy working.

I know, I know, I understand that during the school year he doesn’t see him as much, but from a mother’s standpoint that really wanted and loves her child it’s just very hard. I’m not the type that looks forward to his going away so I can have “me” time or go partying, that’s just not who I am. I adore him, even though he’s a bratt sometimes, ok a lot of the time, BUT he’s still my bratt and I miss him terribly when he’s not around.

I’m the one who taught him how to catch a baseball, how to shoot a basketball and how to throw a football (Yes, I really did. I grew up with three older brothers and played basketball in college. I’m just sports oriented). I’m still trying to get his father to take him outside on the weekends he has him instead of playing video games the entire time.

For you Dad’s out there, have a heart for the Mom of your child and understand how difficult it is for some of them to see their child go away for an extended period of time. And PLEASE don’t be like my Ex. Answer the phone once in a while and let us know everything is okay. I always answer my phone for you, and besides I can’t help myself, I worry.


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