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So, who does the dirty work in your family?

I didn’t even realize that my helpful nature turned on me and I was actually doing the dirty work at times without really knowing it!

For some reason my husband is always giving me the items to return at Lowes and Home Depot or anywhere else for that matter, those two just happen to be his favorite hang outs.  He makes it seem like it’s no big deal.  “I’ll just pick up the few items we need while you’re returning those.”

I think nothing about it because the sooner I’m out of there the better. He could spend hours there and it drives me crazy, but I go just to make him happy. 

He never has his receipt, not that it’s a big deal, but there always seems to be an item or two that he forgot which store it was actually purchased in, and of course, I’m at the wrong store trying to return it.  He laughs about it, while I’m the one who’s embarrassed. 

He still can’t get over the fact that he had me return paint one time. You know they don’t take paint back in the stores. Well, I didn’t know this as I waited in line with my two gallons of paint (outdoor paint no less).  They told me that they don’t accept paint returns, and I just stated that the color came out wrong and I was told to return it. So, they sent me over to the paint area for them to check out my two gallons.

Well, they actually took the two gallons of paint back. My husband laughed when I told him… He knew all along that they don’t take paint returns and he sent me anyway. Now he ALWAYS has me make his returns, because, unfortunately, he says I’m good at it and I get them to take things back that they’re not supposed to.


Well, I put my foot down when he decided he wanted to get rid of the cleaning lady. He wanted to get rid of her, BUT he wanted me to tell her that her services were no longer needed. I was not about to do this, she always contacted him and not me anyway, so I made sure I didn’t have her phone number to make the call.

So, what does he do?  She comes to the door, ringing the bell and he doesn’t bother answering it.  He let her ring and ring and ring until she finally gave up and left.

At least he felt guilty about it, I wasn’t at home, so I had nothing to do with it.  The following week he did end up calling her and explaining that we wouldn’t need her services and he mailed her the check for the day he decided not to bother answering the door.

Do you have any “Dirty” work stories?


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